Virtual Office Service: Your New Corporate Address

In today's economy, office setup costs can be prohibitive for smaller companies just starting out. However, even many established businesses are seeing the wisdom of forgoing the high monthly expenses involved in keeping a physical operation afloat. That's what makes Virtual Offices such a smart solution for small- to medium-sized business owners who realise they can easily avoid the initial outlays that are normally part of location-based business ownership. When you take advantage of our services you can expect to save a significant amount of money as compared to a physical space. In addition you can reduce paperwork, eliminate headaches and conserve one of your most valuable intangible commodities: your time!

Our Line-up of Virtual Services

Our address and reception services are available individually or collectively for as long as you need them. When you hire us to handle your office-related tasks, you are in the driver's seat. You tell us how much help you need and when you need it and we will do the rest!

The following services are available to our Clientele:

Virtual Receptionist Service

Our highly professional Australia-based reception staff will field your calls, based on your specific instructions. Sign up for this service today and receive a no-obligation seven-day FREE trial to help you get started right away.

Virtual Office Address Service

We offer your organisation the opportunity to receive mail at any one of more than 50 business centres throughout Australia such as in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. With our Address Service you can improve your company's image from just $12 per week with a Prime CBD location!

Mail and Courier Management

We receive your mail and courier packages into our business centre and notify you when they arrive. We can then either hold them for pickup or we can forward them to you anywhere in the world. Use this service as your own personal Mail Centre for prompt and secure handling of all your mail and courier items.

Local Business Telephone Number

Advertise your unique telephone number (which we allocate you instantly during the Free Trial setup process) or simply forward your calls from your existing business phone number to your local Virtual Reception telephone number and our professional Australian based receptionists will be answering and handling your calls! If you'd like, we can also set you up with a 1300 number, instantly!

Virtual Assistant Service

Allow our VA's to handle even the most complex of calls, giving you the extra breathing space you need to focus on higher value tasks such as customer service and closing sales!

Establish Your Perceived Presence with Our Virtual Office Service

Access the latest technology from and take advantage of new business opportunities at minimal cost. Sign up for our free 7-Day Trial to get all the benefits of "your own receptionist" without the office -- or the headaches!

Time is precious. Don't waste yours answering calls that can be delegated to a professional receptionist. As a highly paid executive or business owner, your time is far better spent working on your business rather than in it. So, let our mature, friendly, Australian based staff handle the "call answering process" freeing you up to handle the big-picture tasks that will grow your business!

NO Minimum Term and NO Long Term Contracts

It's just Month to Month, so easy!

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