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It's official, people hate leaving messages on automated telephone systems. It is so hated that a study conducted by BT in the UK showed that more than 60% of business people will not leave a message if they are not talking to a real person.

So how does this impact on your local Melbourne business? Well, if you currently miss 20 calls a week due to being in meetings, driving in the car or simply having dinner with your family then these 20 missed calls could translate to 12 potential leads for your Melbourne business.



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When you extrapolate that out it works out to more than 50 in a month and more than 600 in a year. Not every one of these will be a potential new customer, however even if 1 in 4 was then it could be a potential 150 additional customers in a year.

Our telephone answering service works really well and is really simple to use. Basically, you sign in to your account and tell us when you want us to answer your calls, what you want us to say when we take those phone calls and how you want us to relay those messages to you. The majority of people get us to email them with details, or if you want we can send you an SMS.

So Why Would I Sign Up My Melbourne Business?


There are lots of reasons. Here are a few of the bigger ones.

  • We will take your calls 24/7. Doesn't matter what you are doing at the time, if a call comes in at 8:30pm in the evening then we will be there for you.
  • Our answering service team becomes your Melbourne reception team. Your customers will actually believe that they are sitting in your Melbourne professional offices with you.
  • We look after the telephone answering while you do what you do best and grow your business.
  • It is really affordable! Many of our customers save up to 60% of the cost of employing a receptionist. There is no superannuation and no sick or holiday pay.
  • You can test it out for 7 days without any obligation or credit card commitment. This is really low risk!
  • The receptionists that are answering your calls are locals based in Australia. Your customers will not know that they are not based in your Melbourne offices.

It really does work! Our systems are being used by more than 6,000 businesses world wide. By leaving the phone answering to our service you can actually spend a significant amount more time on the strategic aspects of your business.

How will the answering service greet the customers?


You decide. If you want recommendations from us we can give you some suggestions however it is all customisable by you. We can answer your calls exactly the way you would with a custom greeting you decide.


How much will I be up for in an average month?

It depends on the extent that you use our services. Our basic plan costs $20 per month plus calls so some of our smaller customers are spending $30 - $40 per month. We have packages that are structured for larger customers and we can provide custom packages for large corporate customers.


What areas does your service cover? Is it just Melbourne?

We have offices in all of the major Australian cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. We can provide our telephone answering services to you wherever you are located.


So what do I do now?

You can sign up for a free 7 day trial online with no requirement for a credit card. What could be easier! If you need to find out any more info you can call our friendly staff 1300 893 820 today.


You can get on with building your business while we take charge of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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