Perth CBD Virtual Offices From $60 Per Month

Why spend thousands on a physical CBD address in Perth when you can get a virtual office from only $60 per month. Our Perth offices are located at 108 St Georges Terrace and 197 St Georges Terrace right in the middle of the CBD. To secure a physical office in one of these locations would set you back hundreds of dollars per square metre per month. On top of that you would also be up for all of your fit out costs plus all of your security bonds before you can start trading.

Harness The Power Of The Cloud

Technology has come a long way in the past few years and the development of cloud technology has really opened things up in terms of how businesses are able to operate without having to purchase a lot of physical assets. You are now able to secure a virtual address for your company, make use of cloud technology to have your phones answered remotely, have a virtual server to run your websites and store your data plus a whole load more. And it can all grow and expand with your business.

How Does It Work?

With a Perth CBD virtual office from Virtual Reception you get the right to use our address on all of your company's documentation like websites, business cards, letterheads etc. Any mail that is sent to your address can then be forwarded to you anywhere in the world (for a small fee) and if you need to physically meet with any of your customers then for a small fee we can organise a range of different size meeting rooms for you to use. From your customers perspective they will think that this is your physical address.

Telephone Answering Services

Many of our virtual address customers also sign up for our live phone answering service. By combining the 2 services you are able to make use of a broad range of office services that make your business look much bigger than it actually is. Our professional Australia based receptionists can answer your calls promptly and efficienty and all from only $40 per month. In addition, we can also assist you with telephone numbers in each capital city plus 1300 numbers at a fixed rate per month.

Go National

Why settle just for a virtual office in Perth! With Virtual Reception you can set yourself up with a virtual office in all Australian capital cities from just $60 per month per address. Once you have your address we can also set you up with a local telephone number in each of these cities for a very low monthly fee. In only a matter of days we can have everything set up for you and give you a national presence for your local business.

Image Is Everything

Unfortunately in today's business world image carries a lot of sway with customers. If you are running your small business out of your garage in the outer suburbs then it could have an impact on the type of customers that you sign up. Fortunately with a virtual office from Virtual Reception you can maintain a first class image whilst still managing to keep to a tight budget.

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